Filters for phosphates

Phospat - Filters for phosphates

Phosphates are the most important food source for algae. The reference value for not having plaintive development of algae is of 0,03 mg/liter of phosphate. The slightest increase can cause algae growth.
Possible phosphate sources are many: tap water, well water, bathers (PPP value phosphate per person), precious stones, fish food, ...
Phosphates are incorporated into the algal biomass, it is therefore possible that they are not detectable in the water when the algae proliferate. When the algae die instead, the phosphates are released and this leads to new growth of algae.
You can then remove the phosphate in a sustainable way by natural means.
High value of phosphates
After 25 days

Phospat - Filters for phosphates

Come sono fatti i filtri: il design

Vitrosphere - glass beads
Active Phoslamin
Vitrosphere - glass beads
The Vitrosfere glass beads ensure effective water distribution and block the active Phoslamin inside the cartridge. Phoslamin permanently binds phosphates.
Phospat 1 and 3
Phospat 10 and 15
• Phospat filters must be installed in a by-pass system, in order to have the indicated flow. The water must be extremely clean.
• Phospat filters must be backwashed so that the small impurities do not clog the Phoslamin, rendering it ineffective and increasing the pressure drop of the filter.
Example of installation of a filter Phospat 1
  Mod P1 Mod P3 Mod P10 Mod P15
Input / Output 1" 2" 2" 2"
Pressure loss m 6 4 1,5 1,5
Flow needed ca. 1 m3/h ca. 3 m3/h < 6 m3/h < 6 m3/h
P04 tot. removed by filter unit 90 270 900 1350
Pond volume <50 m3 <150 m3 <450 m3 <600 m3
Dimensions mm ø 80 x 446 ø 140 x 446 ø 250 x 848 ø 250 x 848
- The P1 and P3 models are cartridge filters, the Mod P10 is a steel filter for larger lakes.
- The filter irreversibly binds phosphates in the water. Removing sustainably phosphate.
- Ready to use, easy to install.
- It contains as a filter media: Vitropshere® and Phoslamine® (based on rare earths).
- Patented.
- Suitable for swimming and decorative ponds.
- Also suitable for aquariums and pools disinfected with active oxygen.
With the use of filters Phospat the phosphate content goes down to below the level of 0,03 mg/liter.
The filamentous algae have no more nutrients, they die and do not re-form later.

How to use:

• When first used: drain the first water until the reddish-brown color (rare earth) is no longer visible
• Suspensions or turbidity should be avoided. Therefore it is advisable to install the Phospat cartridge downstream of the mechanical filtration system (to avoid contamination or blocking of the cartridge). We recommend using the Secure cartridge which acts as a mechanical prefilter.
• In the case of saturation: replace the cartridge; do not open the cartridge.
• Maximum manageable pressure: 4 bar.
• Filters must be protected from frost.


Phospat filters should be regularly backwashed with clean water to remove dirt from the Vitrosphere glass beads. In this way there are no load losses (and flow) and the life of the filters is more durable and efficient.

Phospat Secure - prefilter

To protect the Phospat filter, you can use the Phospat Secure filter as a pre-filter.
This filter is entirely filled with Vitrosphere glass beads and can be completely backwashed by impurities that remain trapped.
  Phospat Secure 1 Phospat Secure 3
Input / Output 1" 2"
Pressure loss m 1 3
Max flow ca. 1 m3/h ca. 3 m3/h

Phospat FF - prefilter

The Phospat FF filter can be used to reduce the level of phosphates from the filling water.
The Phoslamin formulation in this filter allows to eliminate most of the phosphates in a single pass.
Suitable for manual or automatic filling systems.
  In case of use of well water with residues it is advisable to install the prefilter Secure before Phospat FF.
  Phospat FF
Input / Output 1"
P04 tot removed from each filter unit 90
Max pressure bar 4
Pressure loss m 1
Max flow ca. 1 m3/h

Phospat ClO - filter for chlorine

The Phospat ClO filter is an activated carbon filter that absorbs the residual chlorine in the filling waters.
This cartridge filter can be connected directly to the public plumbing of your home or garden.
This filter is also backwashable.
  Filter suitable for ponds, natural pools, koi ponds.
  Phospat FF
Input / Output 3/4"
Pressure loss m 3
Max flow ca. 1 m3/h

Technical documents

Technical sheet for Phospat
Technical sheet for Phospat FF
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Assembly diagram of the Phospat 3 with prefilter
Backwash scheme for Phospat 1 and 3 with pressurized water