Mechanical biological filters

In order to keep a biological pond clean, in addition to the valuable plants, mechanical and / or biological filters can be used to help keep the water cleaner and clear, respecting its essence and without affecting the natural processes necessary for the life of the pond.
The choice of the appropriate filter depends on some factors, and among the main ones we find the size of the lake and the presence or not of fish.
☯ For a small pond with fish and plants of about 5x4 m you can use the skimmer filter and the waterfall filter.
☯ Great for ponds ranging from 24 to 60 mc are pressure filters, with built-in UV-c.
☯ For a pond with koi from 10 to 20 m³ you can use, in addition to the skimmer, a bottom drain attached to a more technical filter and optionally an UV sterilizer.
☯ For large lakes there are professional filters with curved sieve.
☯ For bio-ponds and bio-pools, large or small, the biofilter should be built on site with suitable filter materials.

VarioPress and VarioPress Pro-A pressure filters with built-in UVC sterilizer

How pressure filters work

The lake water is pumped to the closed pressure filter and passes through the filter materials and the UVC lamp; in this way the dirt is retained and the floating unicellular algae are destroyed. The purified water then returns to the natural pond via the return connection. With this closed system the pump pressure is maintained, so that the purified water can still be sent upwards with modest pressure drops. When the filter is dirty, it becomes saturated and needs to be cleaned by a convenient valve operated backwash.
The benefits of pressure filters have been proven many times in practice. The fully enclosed filter system is compact and can be installed almost anywhere, even underwater near a pond. The filter can be partially buried or inserted in a technical compartment.
All pressure filters are designed to purify optimally with low pump pressure and the lowest possible energy consumption.


Variopress filters

The initial series of VarioPress filters have a manual cleaning system for the purification of small ponds and with small quantities of fish. The filter is cleaned using the handle and the bypass switch to drain the dirty water.
• Mechanical purification
• Built-in UV-c sterilizer
• Manual cleaning system
• Cleaning indicator

  VarioPress 7000 VarioPress 14000
UVC W 11 18
Max flow (l/h) 4000 7000
Filter volume l 20 25
Connections - hole diameter mm 20 / 25 / 32 / 40 20 / 25 / 32 / 40
Connections - external diameter mm 3 x 1’ ½ 3 x 1’ ½
Dimensions ø x h mm 380 x 410 380 x 520

Variopress Pro-E filters

The VariopPress filter series has been improved with the introduction of an electric motor for backwashing dirt.
The advantages of pressure filtration systems have already been widely demonstrated in practice. The filtration system is completely closed and compact and can be positioned virtually anywhere, even below the pond's water surface. The pressure drop of the filter is reduced and the water can also be used for waterfalls and water features.
Cleaning the filter material is extremely simple and is performed without opening the filter through a valve that drives an electric backwash motor. The dirt is discharged into the sewer system or elsewhere through a by-pass connection.
The built-in UVC sterilizer is to be used for keeping the pond free from suspended algae and for reducing the bacterial count.
The VarioPress Pro-E series has a large filter package. Cleaning is performed by activating the AUTO-CLEAN via the power supply of the system: it is started with the by-pass handle and manually switching to cleaning mode. Operating comfort increases enormously.
• Double action filter technology with filter sponge pack and Bio-Cell filter beads.
• Mechanical and biological purification.
• Integrated UV-C lamp with time setting.
• AUTO-CLEAN electrically powered cleaning system.
• Protection class IP 67, maximum protection against moisture.
• Extremely easy to open and periodically maintain.
• Acoustic signal during cleaning and after cleaning.
• 5-metre power cable.

  VarioPress Pro-E 25 VarioPress Pro-E 35 VarioPress Pro-E 55 VarioPress Pro-E 70
UVC W 36 55 55 55
Filter volume l 50 75 170 300
Connections - hole diameter mm 40 / 50 50 50 50
Connections - external diameter mm 3 x 2" 3 x 2" 3 x 2" 3 x 2"
Dimensions ø x h mm 450 x 560 450 x 725 600 x 825 750 x 890

  Surface area in m2 of the filter material:

Pro-E 25
Pro-E 35
Pro-E 55
Pro-E 70
Filter sponge 4 x ø 360 mm 5 x ø 360 mm 5 x ø 360 mm 7 x ø 360 mm 7 x ø 360 mm 7 x ø 360 mm
BioBalls - 24 - - 2x30 2x30
BioCell - - ± 0,5 kg ± 1,0 kg ± 5,0 kg ± 10,0 kg
flow m3/h
2,5 3,5 6,5 10 13 15
flow m3/h
4 7 11 12 14 15
- -
Pump type Compact-E 4200 - AquaFlow-E 5000 AquaFlow-E 5000 - VarioFlow-E 10 AquaFlow-E 10000 - VarioFlow-E 10 AquaFlow-E 15000 - VarioFlow-E 20 AquaFlow-E 20000 - VarioFlow-E 20 AquaFlow-E 20000 - VarioFlow-E 20

  Natural pond volume in m3:

Pro-E 25
Pro-E 35
Pro-E 55
Pro-E 70
without plants and fish 7 14 25 35 55 70
with plants and fish (no Koi) 5 7 13 20 35 40
only with plants 10 18 30 50 60 75


Pressure filter series Variopress Pro-E specifications

Waterproof housing in protection class IP 67
The high protection class ensures the long protection of all built-in electrical components against external moisture.

Integrated UV-c lamp with timer
Algae develop mainly in summer. With the timer switch you switch the UV-c lamp off 12 hours a day or keep it in continuous operation. In spring and autumn the timer can be set to 12 hours. Less power consumption, lower power costs and a longer lamp life.

Optimised drive technology for cleaning the filter pack
Convenient back-wash system. The built-in electric motor drives the cleaning system of the filter pack. The new drive system relieves forces on the filter pack and extends its life.

All electrical components are individually encapsulated in a waterproof housing.
This effectively eliminates the risk of moisture ingress. The electrical connections are fitted with waterproof connectors and are easy to dismantle individually if needed.

Filter cover and filter pack separately removeable.
When the lid is removed, the filter pack stays in place and is not attached to the lid. Periodic filter main- tenance is then made very easy. And the lid is freed because there is no weight on it.

Pollution indicator and acoustic signal during cleaning.
The built-in contamination indicator shows when the filter needs to be rinsed. During rinsing the filter gives a pulsing signal as a reminder that the cleaning cycle is still running and water is being pumped out of the pond. After rinsing it sounds a continuous signal.

Technical compartments

Technical compartment for the installation of pumps, UV-C devices and filter systems or other technical devices.
The technical compartments are reinforced, however, precautions must be observed to anchor the compartments in case of water thrust from below. The technical compartments have a curved lid to prevent rainwater from stopping.
• Polyester reinforced with glass fiber, black color
• Cover included
• Reinforced walls
• To be assembled according to the architectural requirements

  External dimensions lxlxh (cm) Base dimensions lxl (cm) Material
Compartment 800 81 x 62,5 x 76 57 x 38 Reinforced polyester
Compartment 1200 119 x 79 x 80 104 x 64 Reinforced polyester
Compartment 800
Compartment 1200

Curved Sieve Filters - Professional

Stainless steel curved Sieve filters in accaio inox cut by laser. They allow to mechanically separate dirt in a simple and effective way.
The case is made of polypropylene.
• Valves and cover included
• Sieve of 300 microns (last 5 cm 200 microns)

  ModS2 ModS3
Functioning gravity supply pump power supply
Max flow 30.000 l/h 20.000 l/h
Dimensions of the filter L x l x h 56,5 x 49,5 x 75,9 cm 52 x 52 x 62,2
Dimensions of the stainless steel sieve 44,5 x 40 cm 44,5 x 40 cm
Input 2 x 110 mm 1 x 2”
Output 2 x 2” 1 x 110 mm
Discharge 1’ ½ 1’ ½
Sieve filter ModS2 - gravity supply
Sieve filter ModS3 - pump power supply


Skimmer 300 and Skimmer 300 for hose

Skimmers capture most of the dirt blown into swimming ponds.
Fixed skimmer for installation in swimming pond helophyte filters.
• Large, removable 7.5 litre filter basket.
• Maximum pond surface area of 120 m2.
• Stable base plate for fixed installation in substrate bed.
• Stainless steel outer jacket, does not need to be removed in winter.
• Stainless steel grip for easy removal of filter.
• Constructed in conformance with ÖNORM, including amphibian protection

  Skimmer 300 Skimmer 300 for hose
Capacity ltr/h 9.000 - 25.000 9.000 - 25.000
Dimensions Ø 49 x h 31 cm Ø 28 x h 39 cm
Connections Ø mm 75 x 63 160
Skimmer 300
Stable base plate
Skimmer 300 for hose
Basket with stainless steel handle


Skimmer filter and the waterfall filter

They are the optimal solution for small ponds ornamental or with fish. .
The skimmer allows quick and efficient removal of dirt on the surface of the water.
The waterfall makes progressive filtration from the big to the thin, a mechanical filtration (sieve and decanter) and a biological purification, with which the waste is transformed into nourishment.
Both of them act as both a mechanical filter (for Matala mats) and a biological one (thanks to bacteria that easily settle on Matala mats and zeolite in the waterfall).

  Skimmer filter Waterfall filter
Flow rate ltr/h 4.500 - 10.000 4.500 - 6.000
Dimensions 59,4 x 39,4 x 48 cm 58,5 x 40 x 47,5 cm
Inlet Flange size 14,5 x 10,3 cm Diameter 50 mm
Outlet Outlet diameter 50 mm - Extension 38 cm Cascade exit width 250 mm
Material included Basket, Matala Output fittings, Blue and Green Matala, zeolite

The cascade filters 1000 (20 cm), 2000 (30 cm) and 3000 (40 cm) are compact filters that allow light filtration in the presence of a water blade.

Skimmer filter
Waterfall filter
Cascade filters


Filtering skimmers with steel screen

Professional skimmers for cleaning the water surface for natural pools and fish ponds.
Thanks to its precise operation, the skimmer sucks only surface water, removing floating dirt. An important component is the curved screen with self-cleaning function, mounted on the large internal basket. Collected dirt can be easily removed by removing and emptying the basket. Dirt particles larger than 0.3 mm are retained in the drum.
The counterflange made of stainless steel is also included in the package.
• To be installed underground at the edge of the pond
• Can also be installed in masonry walls (wall thickness up to 260 mm)
• Suitable for gravity and pumped filter systems
• Recommended flow capacity 4,500 - 20,000 l / h
• Easy installation thanks to the counter flange
• DN 150 (gravity) or 1 1'' 1/2 (pump version) connectors
• Ease cleaning and maintenance
• Premium quality stainless steel


  Skimmer mouth 25 cm Skimmer mouth 50 cm
Flow rate ltr/h 12.000 20.000
Inlet 1 1/2'' - DN 150 1 1/2'' - DN 150
Outlet 1 1/2'' 1 1/2''
Dimensions 72 x 25 x 60 cm 72 x 50 x 60 cm
Weight 28 Kg 42 Kg
Skimmer with steel screen mouth 25 cm
Skimmer with steel screen mouth 50 cm

Easy-Fill - automatic refilling

It is an inexpensive and easy to install system for the automatic refilling of natural ponds. The float operation is efficient and precise. To be connected to a line under pressure (eg home network).

• Connection to the supply line: 3/4 ''
• Connection to the lake: d 50 mm
• To maintain the water level in natural ponds and pools
• Adjustment with float system
• Easy and simple system
• Removable cover for inspection
• Built in very resistant white ABS
Installation next to the bio-pool (option A or B)