Water and snow collection tanks

Reservoirs for water collection

The use of our materials in agriculture mainly concerns the construction of large water collection basins.
The need to build water collection basins arises from the observation that, if the atmospheric precipitations have not decreased in quantity, they are concentrated in shorter and more intense rainy periods. The alternation of periods with high rainfall and dry periods increases the need to accumulate water in special basins to have a constant supply of water.
The use of EPDM geomembranes allows the restoration of the waterproofing of basins with compromised seal or the creation of new basins. The basin can be built in earth or in other materials. The extreme elasticity of the material allows an adaptation of the waterproofing also following the inevitable movements of settling the ground. The large surface of the individual liners allows you to waterproof large surfaces in a short time. The lower number of joints between the panels also allows greater safety in the sealing than other materials.
The resistance of the EPDM geomembrane to UV rays, high and low temperatures, allows a very long life even if it remains exposed to the sun as happens in the basins for irrigation where the water level drops during the summer.
The tests of our technicians, on basins installed in southern Europe more than 40 years ago, have shown that the EPDM geomembrane is still perfectly suitable and functional even after many years.
There is also the possibility of making underground collection tanks.

Snow collection tanks

The resistance to very low temperatures without losing its characteristics make the EPDM geomembrane suitable for the creation of mountain reservoirs for the collection of water for snowmaking.
The extreme durability of the material, the lack of release of substances into the environment, the possibility of recycling and Firestone's commitment to reducing the environmental impact of all its plants, allow us to affirm that this is an ecological material.

Reservoir for water collection - construction site

Reservoir for water collection - construction site

Reservoir for water collection