The Firestone PondGard membrane is a high-performance rubber panel used for waterproofing lakes of different types. Its advantages are recognized by installers, green professionals, technicians and architects all over the world. We are able to waterproof surfaces of all sizes. We can develop any type of design, feasibility studies even with 3D rendering and estimates.

This non-toxic and exceptionally durable membrane has been successfully installed in thousands of applications all over the world for the most different uses:

Decorative ponds Ponds for Koi Bio-pools and swimming ponds Water mirrors Fire extinguishing water reservoirs Waterfalls Water courses
Rain water collection lakes Fountains Irrigation tanks Snow making collection lakes Lakes for golf courses Lakes for aquaculture Wetlands

The installation of Firestone PondGard is simple, since the material is light, easily positioned and available in a variety of sizes with widths up to 15.25 m and lengths up to 61 m.
For the construction of large water basins, several Firestone PondGard panels can be installed on site, combining them with the Firestone Quick Seam ™ Tape self-curing biadhesive tape. No special equipment or specialized personnel are required.
Thanks to the high ductility of the product, the integration of pipes in the panels for the inlet and outlet of the water with flanges of different sizes is easy to install. If the details are for large or particular or non-standard sizes, the raw rubber is used.

Below some of our references: