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Professional products and services for natural pond, natural pools and technical lakes

​Umor Acqueo is a company that offers wholesale products and professional services for the construction of ornamental garden ponds, swimming bio-ponds (natural pools), lakes and water obstacles on golf courses, reservoirs and irrigation canals, wetlands, water reservoirs, snow reservoirs and all other applications that require the creation and management of large and small ponds.
Our company, in addition to the rubber membranes EPDM Firestone PondGard® and GeoGard® for waterproofing, provides all the products you need for the success of your projects.
Our long experience has allowed us to select only the best products .
After years of experience in Italy, and after several hundreds of ponds of various sizes, Umor Acqueo today is a leader in the management of water resources and we are now specialized in all aspects of the management of ponds, including the construction and maintenance.
Our team of water specialists has the knowledge and experience to advise and work on the restoration of existing reservoirs or the creation of new systems.
In recent years, our expertise in the construction of ponds has allowed us to build and maintain large ponds and water features for prestigious commercial parks, golf club, new residential facilities, lakes for sport fishing areas, wetland and lagoons, basins for irrigation.
The company's philosophy for the design and implementation of a bio-pond is simplicity: the bio-pond is an artisan product that works well with natural processes well designed.
We are the only company in Italy that deals exclusively and during all year around with bio-ponds, swimming ponds and technical reservoirs.


​Umor Acqueo is a company that moves energies. 
The energies of people and places that love water, purity and its flow. 
The primal energies of nature who rejoice in serving with water our basic desires (water as food for man, animals and plants) and our spiritual desires (water as an element of a superior well-being).

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How to reach us

Umor Acqueo s.r.l.
Via Roma, 34
40069 Zola Predosa (BO)
Tel. 051-0701123
Fax 051-6693110

From the ring road exit towards Bazzano / Zola Predosa.
Coming from Rome / Milan, the exit is the 1bis.
Coming from Ancona / Padova / Romagna, the exit is 1.
Continue on the route southwest to exit 8 (Center of Zola).
Go up and down on the overpass and at the roundabout go right.
We are 100 meters on the right.

44°29'32.84" N
11°13'58.19" E

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